Packing Kit
Packing Kit

Packing Kit

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  • Sawicki Speed Muffler Packing is one of the best materials available for maximum attenuation of sound, longevity, and heat insulation. After testing a wide variety of products, we know what works (and what doesn’t…). Sawicki Speed muffler packing is a long strand “Loose Fill” with an extremely high fusion point. Loose Fill is superior to flat mats or pillows as it allows full density packing and expansion to fill all voids. The Long Strand Fibers will expand, and take a “set” after heat cycling and are less likely to get “blown-out” over time. Takes only minutes to pack. Loose Fill is universal. No need for a “Pillow or Cartridge” that fits only one model and may leave gaps or voids within the muffler shell. Loose Fill fits all mufflers, brands and applications. 

Muffler packing techniques and the material utilized is one of the most important aspects of building an exhaust system. Not only with the quality of material, but with the techniques incorporated when using them. We utilize highly trained technicians when packing and assembling every single muffler. 

Packing Made Simple: As a general guideline:

    1. The more densely you pack the muffler – the longer it will last, better heat insulation, better performance. But will be slightly heavier and will attenuate sound levels less (increase sound).
    2. The less densely you pack the muffler – the shorter the life span, less heat insulation, less performance. But will be slightly lighter and will attenuate sound levels more (decrease sound).

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