About Sawicki Speed

This is not your father’s Sawicki Speed Shop.
The world is different now.  Yes, all this Covid bullshit obviously (duh!), but in smaller ways too.  Like, new management running Sawicki Speed.
We do recognize that there have been issues in the past, but we are learning from them and using those lessons as blueprints for the company we are going to continue to build.  For us new guys, born out of a belief that just selling bad ass shit isn’t a good enough business plan, we’re recreating Sawicki Speed.
Yes, of course we’ll continue to bring you the gnarliest, badass performance Harley Davidson exhaust systems, but we’re also working to bring you more.  More products, and more for your money.
Like a Lifetime Warranty on all our exhaust systems. Yeah, that’s right.
A Fucking LIFETIME WARRANTY On Your Exhaust.
We’re better. And we’re gonna prove it.




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