Do your pipes have O2 Bungs? 

Yes!! All of our pipes have 18mm bungs in them, so you can use aftermarket wideband sensors or factory sensors. If your bike came from the factory with 12mm sensors, you will need a 12mm-18mm Sensor adapter.  If your bike doesn’t have  O2 sensors you will need a 18mm sensor plug. you can request Custom pipes without sensor bungs if you so prefer 

Does your pipe come with 12mm-18mm adapters?

No. You will need to get 12-18mm adapters from your local dealer if you are running the small style sensors. 

What kind of performance gains?

Our Exhaust systems will provide performance gains across the RPM Range. The results will vary based on Displacement, Compression and General Performance modifications done to the motor. Please refer to our Facebook/Instagram for dyno Graphs we post. 

Do your systems include exhaust port gaskets?

No, we suggest Screaming Eagle Exhaust Gaskets from your local Harley Davidson dealer.

Can I repack my muffler?

Mufflers with our removable endcap can be repacked to your liking with a variety of packing. they come packed with Stainless steel wool, but fibreglass and other options work very well and change the tone of the pipe. 

Our Sealed cap / Slash Cut  mufflers are Non-Serviceable 

Do you make custom exhaust systems?

Yes! Contact us at admin@sawickispeedshop.com for all custom inquires 

What if my pipe breaks?

We handle warranty based on a case by case basis. Unless the pipe is obviously broken from a crash/hit/dragged, then we will happily issue you a Warranty repair or replacement if it is within the first year (sometimes longer even). All warranty or repairs require the item in question to be sent back to Sawicki Speed Shop before a replacement/repair is sent out. please see 

Where can i get spare parts?! 

Almost everything is available under the “parts” section of the store. If you don’t see what youre after shoot us an email. 

Lead time:

Lead time Varies Based on how big our wait list is and where we are at in our current production run. Please inquire via email for current lead time. 

Mandrel Bent pipes, we aim to for approximately a 2 week lead time but this can vary based on where we are at in our production runs. 

Cut and Weld/Stepped pipes have approximately a 8-12 week lead time, this can vary as well we can occasionally offer faster lead times depending on our work load.

these are rough estimations and can vary widely as we are a low volume custom shop that makes everything by hand.  

Questions not answered here?

Feel free to email us at admin@sawickispeedshop.com with any questions we didn’t cover here 

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