1. When will my exhaust ship?
      All Sawicki Speed exhaust systems are made-to-order and handcrafted. Polished and ceramic coated systems require additional production time as we must send these exhausts out to receive their finishes. Here’s what you can expect (PLEASE NOTE lead times may vary):

      • Brushed Stainless exhausts ship in 8-10 weeks
      • RT Shorty exhausts ship in 8-10 weeks
      • Mirror Polished exhausts ship in 10-12 weeks
      • Jet-Hot Ceramic Coated exhausts ship in 14-16 weeks

    1. What should I use to clean my brushed stainless pipe to remove stains or just maintenance?
      Use a multipurpose cleaning pad like the gray or red scotch brite pad use a little WD40 to wipe after and it will help turn the pipe nice and gold again.

    1. How can I remove burnt marks off my coated pipe?
      Use a cleaning pad like scotch-brite oven cleaner and sponge.

    1. Is my coated pipe covered under the limited lifetime warranty?
      We only cover the structure of the metals and not the coating.

    1. Is my broken bracket covered under the limited lifetime warranty?

    1. Are my pipe springs covered under warranty?
      Only for the first year.

    1. Can I remove the baffle in my muffler?
      Not recommended and you will also lose performance.

    1. Is it ok if I remove the tip and baffle and run my bike?
      You will lose a lot of back pressure and suffer on performance.

    1. Can I leave the OE tapered gasket in my motor?
      NO. Our exhaust systems are designed to work only with the supplied Sawicki gaskets unless noted otherwise.

    1. Is it ok if I double up the Sawicki gaskets?
      NO. Our exhaust systems are designed to use one gasket per exhaust port.

    1. Can I have someone weld on my exhaust?
      Absolutely. You will immediately void your warranty.

    1. Are the exhaust gaskets covered under my Warranty?

    1. Is it ok to wrap my exhaust with fiberglass heat wrap?
      NO. Wrapping the exhaust traps moisture under the wrap and will cause issues.

  1. Do I need to have my bike tuned right away after installing my pipe?
    No, if it's installed correctly and has no leaks and both the O2 sensors are installed, the bike will run just fine. A handheld programmer tune or professional tune is recommended to gain maximum performance from your 2 into 1 system.