Does Sawicki Speed Exhaust Actually Make More Power? Tucker Speed Finds Out!

An exhaust system is not just about sound—it significantly impacts your motorcycle's power output, fuel efficiency, and overall performance.

For motorcycle enthusiasts, especially those riding Harley-Davidson M8 Baggers and M8 Softails, the quest for better performance is unending. Exhaust systems play a critical role in boosting your bike's power, and it was a rad day over at Tucker Speed (@tucker_speed) when we got the chance to find out if the Sawicki Speed 2-into-1 exhaust lives up to its reputation. We already know it does, but it’s super fun to DYNO it out!

We jumped at the opportunity to run a dyno comparison on Paige Clark’s Softail Low Rider ST (FXLRST). Paige is the rad painter behind @stripe_cult and just look at her bike! Crazy talented lady here 😱!

Dive into this M8 Softail FXLRST Dyno Exhaust Comparison video to see for yourself how the Sawicki Speed exhaust stacks up. 🙌🏾

Also, check out this episode of the Built Different Podcast from Tucker Speed featuring our very own brand manager Dumptruck, Paige Clark (Stripe Cult) and Jordan Mastagni (Hot Bike) for more details on the bike and project!