Bryan Shields is “All In” on Bagger Racing

Bryan Shields’s road-racing experience began in 1989 and he continued as an expert level racer until the middle 2000's. “I have raced sport bikes all throughout my career and have won both regional and national races and championships,” he explains. “I had been out of racing for several years until a conversation with the originator of the Bagger Racing League, Rob Buydos, got me interested in racing a performance bagger. My initial race on a Harley-Davidson bagger was at Sonoma Speedway in California in December, 2021. I have continued racing the BRL as well as another organization these past two seasons in 2022 & 2023.”

Grounded in motorcycle road racing and motorcycle drag racing, his current road racing bike is a 2020 Harley-Davidson Road Glide and his dedicated drag bike is a 2005 Suzuki Hayabusa 1300.

“The reason I decided to go "All In" on the performance bagger racing is the absolute freshness of the bagger racing phenomenon. To be one of only a dozen and a half racers in the beginning was a huge motivator for me. Additionally, I was one of a very small group of racers who participated in the "Baggers on the Banking" a year ago at the famed Daytona International Speedway with another organization. Since that time, the world-wide interest in this bagger racing has grown exponentially.”

We have to agree. The American V-Twin performance scene specifically has grown exponentially in the last few years, supported by small companies like Sawicki Speed offering performance parts to satisfy this new movement in motorcycle racing. It’s our favorite part of being involved and we’re excited to add our own innovations in 2024.

Photo by Brian J. Nelson

When asked about the impact of the BRL, Bryan stated, “Organizations, such as Bagger Racing League (BRL), who have actively advanced the growth of the bagger racing sport, are on the cutting edge of propelling this exciting form of Harley vs. Indian road racing to world-wide recognition. The folks at BRL continue to promote grassroots levels of competition as well as Pro-Level Bagger Racing in their programs. This organization has, in my opinion, built an inclusive network of a family-atmosphere type of American V-twin racing that you, quite frankly, don't get anywhere else in the United States. For that reason, I see the BRL continuing to shape the future of bagger racing worldwide."

The Bagger Mayhem Racing team organization has a tight-knit group of individuals who have worked tirelessly to help get the team prepared to race each season over the last 2 1/2 years. The team has a crew of 6 members who have helped with everything from driving the race rig to changing tires and everything in between, comprising past racing buddies (Tom, Rick & Rob) and Bryan’s son, Dylan, and wife, Rosina. Additionally, Davel, a past mechanic at Penn Ohio Cycles, has joined the race crew most recently. 

“We are so grateful for our main sponsor, HardDrive American V-twin parts, and for their support and partnership in our racing venture. Krys Brown, in particular, gets all the credit for realizing the potential of this bagger racing phenomenon and believing in our vision when I approached her 3+ years ago. Because of their support, we have been able to continually improve the bike and make it to the numerous races the past two seasons.”

“Additionally, I would also like to thank our support partner/sponsors for their part in helping us get to the podium. They are: Motul USA, DP Brakes, Revolution Performance, Sawicki Speed, Saddlemen, Beringer Brakes USA, Penn Ohio Cycles, VP Racing Fuels, Cometic Gasket, Dynojet Research, Michelin Motorcycle Tires, OneX USA, Racing Bros, Adamec Performance Garage, MotoSox, Voss helmets, Legend suspension, Flo Motorsports HD, Monkeygripp, Q4 manufacturing solutions, KNK Machine. Without all of the support from these fine companies and their representatives, our racing efforts would not be possible.”

Alright, tell us how we did. “We are super pleased to have Sawicki Speed help make our race package that much more competitive and we have used their exhausts from Day 1! For anyone wanting to boost their bike's performance, we strongly recommend the use of Sawicki Speed Exhausts! For the best performance, best sound, and best looking exhaust with the best warranty,... it's Sawicki for the win!”

I can’t really say anything else other than congratulations and thanks for choosing Sawicki Speed.

Thanks to Mr. Shields for slowing down long enough to give us the 411. Thanks to you for taking the time to read. Stay louder together y’all.