Challenger Right Rear Bag Bracket

Challenger Right Rear Bag Bracket

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Sawicki Speed Challenger Right rear bag bracket

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  1. When will my exhaust ship? 
    All Sawicki Speed exhaust systems are made-to-order and handcrafted. Polished and ceramic coated systems require additional production time as we must send these exhausts out to receive their finishes. Here’s what you can expect:

    Brushed Stainless exhausts ship in 2-3 weeks
    Mirror Polished exhausts ship in 4-6 weeks
    Jet-Hot Ceramic Coated exhausts ship in 6-8 weeks

  2. What should I use to clean my brushed stainless pipe to remove stains or just maintenance? 
    Use a multipurpose cleaning pad like the gray or red scotch brite pad use a little WD40 to wipe after and it will help turn the pipe nice and gold again. 

  3. How can I remove burnt marks off my coated pipe? 
    Use a cleaning pad like scotch-brite oven cleaner and sponge.

  4. Is my coated pipe covered under the limited lifetime warranty?
    We only cover the structure of the metals and not the coating.

  5. Is my broken bracket covered under the limited lifetime warranty?

  6. Are my pipe springs covered under warranty?
    Only for the first year. 

  7. Can I remove the baffle in my muffler?
    Not recommended and you will also lose performance.

  8. Is it ok if I remove the tip and baffle and run my bike?
    You will lose a lot of back pressure and suffer on performance.  

  9. Can I leave the OE tapered gasket in my motor?
    NO. Our exhaust systems are designed to work only with the supplied Sawicki gaskets unless noted otherwise.

  10. Is it ok if I double up the Sawicki gaskets? 
    NO. Our exhaust systems are designed to use one gasket per exhaust port.

  11. Can I have someone weld on my exhaust?
    Absolutely. You will immediately void your warranty.

  12. Are the exhaust gaskets covered under my Warranty?

  13. Is it ok to wrap my exhaust with fiberglass heat wrap?
    NO. Wrapping the exhaust traps moisture under the wrap and will cause issues.

  14. Do I need to have my bike tuned right away after installing my pipe?No, if it's installed correctly and has no leaks and both the O2 sensors are installed, the bike will run just fine. A handheld programmer tune or professional tune is recommended to gain maximum performance from your 2 into 1 system.

    Sawicki Speed's Industry Best "Heroes Discount" via GovX ID

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    Our goal is to provide your bike with the loudest, bad-assest sound that it is capable of creating.  With that said, the quality of sound, the noise level and the performance of an exhaust system will always vary due to engine displacement, cam timing and compression. Sawicki Speed Shop does not warranty sound or performance.
    Sawicki Speed Shop will not warranty any product that has been modified or misused.  No, we will not warranty your pipe after you laid your bike down.  We strive to be as fair as possible and will always err on the side of serving the customer.  
    “Blueing” or other color conditions to the head pipes or mufflers are caused by improper air/fuel ratio, dirty pipes, long periods of idling, or slow speed travel under load. Please see a reputable dealer for the proper configuration for your application.
    There is no warranty on exhaust pipes and mufflers with regard to any discoloration. Discoloration (blueing) is the result of tuning characteristics, cam timing, carburetor jetting, overheating, etc., and is not caused by defective manufacturing.
    NOTE:  Installation of a new exhaust system may or may not change your motorcycles fuel-air mixture requirements.  Each bike’s individual setup is different and we recommend purchasing a fuel management tuner, or making an appointment with your friendly LBS.
    For coated pipes, ceramic coatings are applied by hand held sprayers which may cause minor differences in the finish. Small flaws and/or marks or inclusions in the finish do not always constitute an issue covered by warranty or a flawed product. If upon inspection, you disagree, or, if the finish is very obviously flawed, please contact us before you install the system.
    IF THE PRODUCT BREAKS we will do our best to remedy the situation. Sawicki Speed Shop products carry a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects. Sawicki Speed must authorize all returns, and we must receive the entire system (inclusive of both head pipes, muffler body, mounting bracket, and exhaust gaskets) for full inspection prior to approving warranty claim.  Sawicki Speed reserves the right to refuse a warranty claim upon inspection of said parts.



    Why does Sawicki Speed offer a warranty for the life of the product?

    Because you work hard for your money, and because we believe, fundamentally, that if we are lucky enough for our products to end up on your ride, that your exhaust is the last thing you should lose sleep over.  Brag about? Yes! Worry over?  No.  Leave the worrying to us.  Other manufacturers offer a marginal one-year warranty; some, as little as 30 days (*gasp!*)!  Since 2011, Sawicki Speed is proud to recognize the trust that dealers and bike owners alike place in us, and the trust they exhibit when they sell, install, or ride Sawicki Speed products. 

    What is covered under the warranty?

    The warranty warrants that the product shall be “free of defects in materials and workmanship during the lifetime of the product.”  In short, this means that your Sawicki Speed product will perform and function for the purpose intended and the product will not be defective. It also means that Sawicki Speed will stand behind any defect in manufacturing, for life. Below are just a few examples of items that are covered:

    • broken welds
    • exhaust leaks caused by improper or inadequate welds
    • broken muffler baffles

    What is not covered under the warranty?

    As with any limited warranty, there are a few items that are not covered under the warranty, such as normal wear and tear. Even though stainless steel is arguably one of the best, most durable materials for exhausts, they are still subject to environmental and atmospheric conditions and require regular maintenance and cleaning.  Bike-side mounting brackets are not covered by warranty.  Additionally, the included exhaust springs are not covered by warranty.  Any product that has clearly been abused, crashed, or installed improperly will not be covered by warranty. 

    What about discoloration or blueing?

    Discoloration is exclusively caused by improper air/fuel ratio, cam timing, carb jetting, long periods of idling, or slow speed travel under load, among other causes. It is the natural reaction of the stainless steel as a substrate and is not the result of a manufacturing defect.  Indeed, many of our customers are specifically looking for the natural patina of a stainless steel pipe when they choose our products.  As such, Sawicki Speed does not warrant against bluing or discoloration. 

    Are black pipes and mufflers covered under the warranty?

    Sawicki Speed’s ceramic coatings are produced from powders and contain variable particle size distributions. The coatings are applied by handheld sprayers and contain ceramics which may cause minor differences in the finish. Small flaws and/or marks or inclusions in the finish are customary and most often do not constitute an issue covered by warranty or a flawed product.  Sawicki Speed is not liable for coatings that have been damaged due to abuse, neglect, adverse road and environment conditions, accident and improper installation, or shows of evidence of adverse conditions.

    Is the warranty transferable?

    The warranty is exercisable only by the original retail purchaser of the product and is not transferable to any successor owner or other party. In other words, if someone sells their bike fitted with Sawicki Speed product, the warranty terminates upon the sale of the bike and the new owner does not have any rights pursuant to the limited lifetime warranty.

    How is a warranty claim processed?

    To obtain authorization to return a part under warranty, contact Sawicki Speed at or We will provide a Return Authorization number (RA), together with details explaining how to return the product. All shipping costs must be prepaid by the shipper.

    SHIP TO: Sawicki Speed Attn: Warranty 196 West Ashland St Doylestown, PA 18901 (IMPORTANT: MUST note RA NUMBER on the package!)

    If a claim is validated, what is covered under the warranty?

    Repair or replacement with a similar or like-kind product is the remedy, in the sole discretion of Sawicki Speed.  Cost of, or associated with, removal and installation of any product are not included as part of this Warranty and the purchaser assumes sole responsibility for such removal and installation costs.  In the event a claim is not validated, Sawicki Speed is still committed to providing the best customer service in our industry, and we will work with customers and dealers with our best efforts to offer a compromise that will help the customer and dealer.


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    These are not your ordinary mass-produced exhaust pipes. All Sawicki Speed exhaust systems are made-to-order and handcrafted. Polished and ceramic coated systems require additional production time as we must send these out to receive their finishes. Here’s what you can expect:

    Brushed Stainless exhausts ship in 2-3 weeks

    Mirror Polished exhausts ship in 4-6 weeks

    Jet-Hot Ceramic Coated exhausts ship in 6-8 weeks

    In the words of our customers, “It’s worth the wait!”

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