Our goal is to provide your bike with the loudest, bad-assest sound that it is capable of creating.  With that said, the quality of sound, the noise level and the performance of an exhaust system will always vary due to engine displacement, cam timing and compression. Sawicki Speed Shop does not warranty sound or performance.
Sawicki Speed Shop will not warranty any product that has been modified or misused.  No, we will not warranty your pipe after you laid your bike down.  We strive to be as fair as possible and will always err on the side of serving the customer.  
“Blueing” or other color conditions to the head pipes or mufflers are caused by improper air/fuel ratio, dirty pipes, long periods of idling, or slow speed travel under load. Please see a reputable dealer for the proper configuration for your application.
There is no warranty on exhaust pipes and mufflers with regard to any discoloration. Discoloration (blueing) is the result of tuning characteristics, cam timing, carburetor jetting, overheating, etc., and is not caused by defective manufacturing.
NOTE:  Installation of a new exhaust system may or may not change your motorcycles fuel-air mixture requirements.  Each bike’s individual setup is different and we recommend purchasing a fuel management tuner, or making an appointment with your friendly LBS.
For coated pipes, ceramic coatings are applied by hand held sprayers which may cause minor differences in the finish. Small flaws and/or marks or inclusions in the finish do not always constitute an issue covered by warranty or a flawed product. If upon inspection, you disagree, or, if the finish is very obviously flawed, please contact us before you install the system.
IF THE PRODUCT BREAKS we will do our best to remedy the situation. Sawicki Speed Shop products carry a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects. Sawicki Speed must authorize all returns, and we must receive the entire system (inclusive of both head pipes, muffler body, mounting bracket, and exhaust gaskets) for full inspection prior to approving warranty claim.  Sawicki Speed reserves the right to refuse a warranty claim upon inspection of said parts.


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